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For the first time in Latvia, a two-day trail running competition is being organized, in which the results of all 3 distances / stages will be combined. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate only in individual distances. This will be a trail running festival with various running distances, an evening event at the end of the first day, talks with the best trail runners and other activities. There will be a tent city in the territory of the competition center, where participants, families, friends and other supporters will be able to spend the night; as well as the competition center is only 25-30 minutes drive away from Cesis, Valmiera and Limbazi with plenty of accommodation possibilities.


May 28/29, 2022


Competition center – Daibe, Cesis county, Stalbe parish, Latvia


1 km (children’s run), 7 km, 10 km, 20 km


Combined 3 stage (7 km + 10 km + 20 km) un individual distance competition


MAY 28
Place: AUGSTROZE – 10KM – [Google Maps]
09:00 – Registration opening at Augstroze
11:30 – Start for the 10 km distance
14:00 – Awarding for the 10 km distance
Place: DAIBE – Competition center – [Google Maps]
17:00 – Registration opening at the center
18:00 – Start for the 1 km children’s distance
19:00 – Start for the 7 km distance
21:00 – Awarding for the 7 km distance
22:00 – Evening event, concert, informal gathering

MAY 29
Place: DAIBE – Competition center – [Google Maps]
08:00 – Registration opening at the center
10:00 – First start for the 3 stage competitors in the 20 km distance with pursuit*
11:00 – Mass start for the 20 km distance
14:30 – Awarding for the 20 km distance un the combined 3 stage competition
17:00 – Closing of the competition center

Pursuit* – participants start each in their own time, depending on the combined results of the first day (more in the rules below)


1st stage: 10 km
Age groups

2nd stage: 7 km
Age groups

3rd stage: 20 km
Age groups

All 3 stages combined
Age groups

Main rules

Combined 3 stage competition
• Participants can take part in all 3 stages (7 km, 10 km and 20 km distances), the results of which will be summed up in the overall standings.
• The last (May 29, 20 km) distance race will be held as a pursuit, meaning, the fastest runner in the first day’s overall standings will start first (at 10:00), while the other participants will start later, depending on the difference between the first day’s results, but not later than at 11:00, when there will be a mass start along with the participants of the 20 km distance who do not participate in the combined 3 stage competition.
• GPS Tracking Devices (60 g) will be given to the favorites of the 3 stage competition (in the first distance according to the organizers discretion, in the other distances to the fastest 15 men and 15 women in the standings) so that you can follow the progress of the race online.

Age groups
• The participants of the 7 km, 10 km and 20 km distances and the combined 3 stage competition are divided into 3 age groups: juniors (2001 and younger), adults (1982–2000) and veterans (1981 and older).
• Participants under the age of year 2010 may also take part in the 7 km, 10 km and 20 km and combined 3 stage competitions, provided that one of the parents or guardians participates in the race or is at the venue during the competition and takes full responsibility for the compliance of the participant’s health with the chosen distance.
• Participants under the age of 10 can take part in the 1 km children’s race.

Team competition
• Participants participating in the combined 3 stage competition can form teams, indicating it in the registration form. The number of participants in one team is not limited. Already registered participants can specify the team by writing to
• The three best results of each team will be added up, and at least one of which must be a woman’s score.

Drinking points
• To reduce waste, we recommend using your own drinking containers (soft flasks or cups) at drinking points.

Nordic walking
• Nordic walkers can also take part in any distance.

Mandatory equipment
• Mandatory equipment for 20 km distance participants – water system, flask or cup.
• We recommend for all our participants to have clothing and shoes suitable for the weather and chosen distance.

• The three fastest men and women in the 7 km, 10 km and 20 km distances and in the combined 3 stage competition in the overall and in the combined 3 stage competition in each age group will be awarded with commemorative prizes for the supporters of the competition.
• In addition, the three fastest men and women in the combined 3 stage competition will be awarded with cash prizes: 1st place – 350 EUR, 2nd place – 150 EUR, 3rd place – 75 EUR (the amounts will be increased after attracting additional sponsors).
• The best teams will be awarded with special prizes from the supporters of the competition.

COVID-19 measures
• Competitors must comply with the epidemiological safety regulations enforced in Latvia.

Participation fee

• The participation fee includes a personalized participant number, a time chip for use during the competition, a commemorative medal, preparation and marking of trails, the work of the judges, other expenses for organizing the competition.

• Registration for the competition is done online:

• After the application, the participant will receive an e-mail with the registration confirmation and information on the transfer of the participation fee to – Biedriba “Ieskrien meza”, reg. no. 40008283977, Account at Swedbank LV94HABA0551046250156. Please indicate in the details of payment – “Latvia TrailRace 2022 Daibe participation fee, [name of participant]”.

• The participant is confirmed only after the participation fee has been received.

• The participation fee is not refunded if the participant does not participate in the competition or refuses to participate.


Other rules

Distance markings
• Distances will be marked with arrow signs and tapes to clearly indicate the direction of the distance.
• Participants are allowed to move only on the marked route; shortening the distance is prohibited.

Health and safety
• Each participant takes full responsibility for the suitability of his / her health condition for the chosen distance and confirms this by registering and paying the competition participation fee. The organizers of the competition are not responsible for possible injuries or accidents of the participants during the competition.
• In case of a participant’s withdrawal, the organizers of the competition do not ensure that the participant reaches the competition center.
• In case of health problems, the help of judges and other competitors should be used to solve the problem and, if necessary, should contact the organizers by phone.

Judging and disqualification
• The organizers of the competition have the right to disqualify a participant if he / she does not comply with the rules of public order and the regulations of the competition, including not providing assistance to a runner who has health problems.
• The organizers of the competition reserve the right to disqualify a participant if it is clear that the participant is unable to continue participating in the competition.
• There will be judges at the distances who will follow the course of the competition, but this does not release the participants from the obligation to follow the competition regulations.

Rules of conduct
• All participants must abide by the rules of mutual kindness and assistance – not to refuse help to each other in case of health and other problems.
• Do not leave waste, such as packaging for used goods. They must be delivered to the garbage bags at the drinking points or at the finish.

Photo and video
• The organizers of the competition have the right to use the photos and videos taken during the competition for marketing and advertising purposes without the consent of the persons appearing in them.

Data processing
• By registering for the competition, the participant confirms that he / she has read the rules and agrees to its regulations, as well as the collection and publication of his / her personal data (name, surname, city, team) in accordance with Article 7 (1) and (2) of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia to ensure the quality of the event.

Force majeure
• In case of extraordinary (force majeure) circumstances, if the competition is canceled or postponed, the participation fees paid by the already registered participants will not be refunded. Instead, the participant will be able to use the paid participation fee to participate in the transferred competition or other competitions organized by Biedriba “Ieskrien meza” (Latvia TrailRace).

Changes in the rules
• The organizers of the competition have the right to make changes and additions to the rules no later than 7 days before the competition.
• The organizers of the competition are not responsible for participants not reading the regulations.

• The competition is organized by Biedriba “Ieskrien meza” (Latvia TrailRace), responsible person – Edijs Dzalbs, e-mail:, phone: +371 27821042.
Point of contact in Lithuania: Aurimas Beržinskas, e-mail:, phone: +370 60164955.

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