Basic information

Those who know what the Hunger Games are will know what this adventure competition is all about. 100 PARTICIPANTS will be allowed into an area of up to 10km2, where they will be searched for by PURSUERS. The task of the participants is quite simple – not to be found and caught in this area for as long as possible. If the pursuer spots you, RUN, because the moment the pursuer touches you, it’s game over. The LAST participant wins!


October 8, 2022


Latvia, Smiltenes region, Raunas parish – [Google Maps]


an area of up to 10 km2 marked on the map and marked by a demarcation tape


07:00 – registration opening
08:30 – introduction with the rules
09:00 – start

Main rules


Before the start, all participants of the competition will receive a waterproof topographical map. The participants themselves may also prepare their own maps. All types of map aids except telephones are permitted. The map given by the organizers will show the competition area, competition center or IMMUNITY ZONE, OASES, drinking points, as well as other useful information: times of IMMUNITY HOURS and helpline number.


All participants will be given a wristband with a GPS device (60 grams), which must be worn in a safe place so that it does not fall off and is not lost. All PURSUERS will also have GPS equipment. Therefore, your family and friends will have the opportunity to follow your success in the competition live online, as well as after the competition, the participants themselves will have the opportunity to look back at the progress of the competition, the movement of participants and pursuers.


• Weather-appropriate clothing
• Water (500ml)
• Food (according to your needs for the entire duration of the competition)
• Rain jacket
• Foil blanket
• Whistle
• Headlamp (when entering the territory after 18:30 PM)
• Phone
• Wrist watch (can be a sports watch)
• Toilet paper

The use of phones (tablets and similar devices) will be PROHIBITED during the competition! The phone will need to be presented during equipment control and will be placed in a waterproof bag. If the bag has been torn open, the participant may face disqualification. The bag may be opened and the phone used only in emergency cases, for example when contacting the organizers of the competition.

All mandatory equipment will have to be presented when registering at the competition center on October 8 (starting at 07:00 AM).

Participants may bring additional equipment, provided that the participant must carry it with them until the next immunity hour.


Immunity hours are predetermined times during which participants are IMMUNE, that is, the pursuers no longer catch you and cannot exclude you from the game.

During the immunity hour, participants MUST come to the competition center or the IMMUNITY ZONE to check in themselves with the competition judges. If the competitor does not check in during this immunity hour, the competitor is disqualified from the competition.

During the immunity hour, the participant can safely eat, change clothes, replenish water reserves. But until the end of the immunity hour, the participants must leave the immunity zone, because when it ends, the PURSUERS will start looking for you again.

The duration of the immunity hour will become shorter and shorter after each round of pursuit.

Hours of Immunity:
October 8: 09:00–10:00; 13:00 – 14:30; 17:30-18:30; 21:30-22:15;
October 9: 01:15–01:45; 04:45–05:10; 08:10–08:30; 11:30 – 11:45; 14:45 – 14:55; 17:55-18:00; 21:00-21:05…

Participants who will be caught in the first round of the chase, namely on October 8 from 10:00 AM to 13:00 PM, will have an opportunity to return to the game by winning a special task that will be given during the next immunity hour.


There will also be 6 special places or OASES indicated on the map, where useful things will be placed from time to time, but at times unknown to the participants and pursuers: valuable gifts, food or items useful for the game, which the participants can get at their disposal. Some of the OASES will be drinking points.

A total of three BLACK CHESTS will be placed in some OASES at a certain time, one of which will contain a very valuable gift that will be revealed before the race begins. In order for the participant to claim this special gift, the participant must deliver the BLACK CHEST to the competition center uncaught. In the center, chest will be opened to see if it contain this special prize. BLACK CHESTS will also have a GPS tracking devices.


At the beginning of the competition, all participants will be issued control cards with 6 mark fields. A composter with a unique symbol will be placed in each OASIS, which can be used to make a mark on the control card. The first three contestants to arrive at the competition center during the immunity hour with a fully completed control card after the first and second chase rounds will receive an IMMUNITY CARD.

If a player is caught by a pursuer, the IMMUNITY CARD can be used to return to the game after the next immunity hour. The immunity card is valid until the 4th round (including), or October 9 at 01:45 AM.


The aim of the pursuers is to find, catch up and tap to eliminate the players from the game!

Pursuers are persons who have no problem chasing you for 24 hours and looking for you in the deepest jungle – we will reveal them on the spot on October 8.

You will recognize the pursuers by their bright white wristbands and by the fact that they will probably move very fast in your direction.

Puruers can catch at all times except during the IMMUNITY HOUR. After the end of the immunity hour, pursuers resume catching from the competition center or IMMUNITY ZONE.

Pursuers will only be allowed to use the given maps and will not be allowed to view live GPS location of participants. Except, starting with the 2nd round of the pursuit (on October 8 from 14:30 to 17:30 PM), 1 h 30 min after the start of each round, the pursuers will only have the opportunity to look at the GPS location of participants (as well as the black chests) on the screen for 2 min in the competition center. However, starting with the 5th round of the pursue (on October 9 from 01:45 to 04:45 AM), in each round the pursuers will be able to see the location of the participants twice – 1 h and 2 h after the start of the round.

On October 9, after midnight 0:00, pursuers will be allowed to start using additional devices, namely walkie-talkies, thermal cameras, night vision equipment, to help catch participants.


The winner of the competition is the last player remaining in the game when all other players have been caught, retired or disqualified for any reason.

The winner of the competition will win prizes worth 500 EUR, which will be announced at a later date.

The rules may still be changed, so please familiarize yourself with them again during the week of the competition!

Participation fee

Participation fee: 70 EUR (payment deadline October 3)

• The participation fee includes a GPS device for use during the competition, a commemorative award, preparation and marking of the territory, equipment of the competition center, work of judges, other expenses for holding the competition.

• Registration for the competition is done online:

• After applying, the participant will receive an e-mail with confirmation of registration and information about transferring the participation fee to the foundation “Iskrien meža”, reg. no. 40008283977, A/S Swedbank account LV94HABA0551046250156. Please indicate “Hunger Games 2022 October participation fee, [participant’s name, surname]” in the payment details.

• The participant is confirmed only after the participation fee has been made (no later than October 3).

• The participation fee is not refunded if the participant does not participate in the competition for any reason.


Registration is closed!

Other rules

• Participants may move only within the territory indicated on the provided map.

Health and safety
• Each participant takes full responsibility for his health condition during the competition and confirms this by registering and paying the competition participation fee. The organizers of the competition are not responsible for possible injuries or accidents of the participants during the competition.
• In case of withdrawal of the participant, the organizers of the competition do not ensure that the participant gets to the competition center.
• In case of health problems, the help of judges and other competition participants should be used to solve the problem and contact the competition organizers by phone.

Judging and disqualification
• The organizers of the competition have the right to disqualify the participant if he does not comply with the norms of public order and the requirements of the competition regulations.
• The competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify a participant in case it is clearly visible that the participant is not able to continue participating in the competition.

Good behaviour
• All participants must follow the rules of mutual kindness and assistance – do not refuse help to each other in case of health or other problems.
• Do not leave waste behind, such as used product packaging. They must be delivered to the competition center.

Photo un video
• The organizers of the competition have the right to use the photos and video materials taken during the competition for marketing and advertising purposes without a special approval from the persons appearing in them.

Data processing
• By registering for the competition, the participant confirms that he has familiarized himself with the regulations and agrees to its provisions, as well as to the collection and publication of his personal data (name, surname, year of birth, city or region) in accordance with the Data Protection Law.

Force majeure
• In case of extraordinary unavoidable circumstances (force majeure), if the competition is canceled or postponed to a later date, the participation fees paid by already registered participants are not refunded. Instead, the participant will be able to use the paid participation fee to participate in the postponed competition or other competitions organized by the foundation “Ieskrien mežā” (Latvia TrailRace).

Changes in rules
• The organizers of the competition have the right to make changes and additions to the rules no later than 7 days before the start of the competition.
• The organizers of the competition are not responsible for the fact that the participant is not familiar with the regulations.

• The competition is organized by the foundation “Ieskrien mežā” (Latvia TrailRace), responsible person – Edijs Dzalbs, e-mail:, phone: +371 27821042.


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© 2022 Latvia TrailRace | Biedrība “Ieskrien mežā”